Unicsoft Joined IBM PartnerWorld!


Just recently, the Unicsoft joined IBM PartnerWorld. This is awesome news for our company, as we now get access to training and learning materials to help members of our team acquire the internationally recognized professional experience. This means that we are making a huge step toward making our solutions all the more advanced, performing, and accessible.



Each of our customers can now also be more confident in the quality of our products – from now on all our professional activity will also be monitored by an independent third party via an IBM Blockchain platform.


What is IBM PartnerWorld?


IBM PartnerWorld is a consistent part of the IBM affiliate program that offers extensive self-learning opportunities for IBM business partners. IBM Partnership makes average-scale IT companies grow into top leaders of independent business ratings. Those that set the example for competitors and know better than others how to employ advanced technology in operating commercial projects.



All IBM affiliates receive a certification confirming the expertise in a certain niche. Moreover, they put much effort into making their cause more client-oriented rather than regarding it as just a source of constant income.


What is Hyperledger IBM platform?


Hyperledger IBM Platform is an IBM partnership program-spawned solution based on the private blockchain, which provides a new form of interaction between separate customers. The creators of Hyperledger willfully refused to also create their own crypto assets, regarding project development processes strictly as an IT research contribution.



Up to date, the network based on this platform consists of an assembly of real companies that get a possibility to achieve a new level of business with the help of collective effort.

Our plans don’t only include employing advantages of Hyperledger to get a support of market trend-setting niche leaders. We are doing it, first and foremost, to assure our customers that the product of our work always fully corresponds with all requirements.


How It Benefits Us


An IBM PartnerWorld membership is sort of an honorary title for any business owner and we were very humbled to acquire it.



This newly-received status enables our team to:

  • use world-renowned business strategies on all stages of development;

  • follow the highest global business standard – both in the software creation and customer service;

  • acquire a new business management experience;

  • regard many work specifics from new perspectives;

  • get a support of companies leading their respective niches;

  • implement software quality assurance in accordance with the international standards;

  • accelerate the introduction of a product to the market;

  • be utterly transparent and reliable to our customers.

We are now looking to significantly reinforcing our positions on the IT companies labor market, where only the highest-quality, scalable, and competitive products are made.


How It Benefit Our Clients And Partners



As for advantages our customers get from our work as a company with the IBM PartnerWorld affiliate status:

  • Various means to approach one issue for you to choose the most efficient one;

  • Highly customizable software products;

  • Full transparency in all product development stages;

  • Personalized approach to customers from different countries.

The advancement of our experience will improve all the solutions we provide. In particular, now we can provide enhanced technical part as well as an increased overall level of quality in our products. You can be completely confident in our qualification, as it is now regularly checked and controlled by the trusted but fully independent third party.


What Is More


Take a look at the IBM PartnerWorld partnership certificate right here.



The certification helps us enhance and reinforce our expertise every day to boost the quality of our products and make our business more productive in satisfying particular customer needs. We hope this news will be of the same significance as it is to us!

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