The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Remote Development Team


When you think about building a business and launching your online product, the first thing you’ll know is that developers come at a high cost. At least, that is true for in-house programmers — you spend months looking for the right person, the pay for their work, workplace, and office maintenance. Isn’t it better to outsource developers for that project of yours, or is it not a very good idea? What kind of benefits might follow this decision?

Both advantages and disadvantages of hiring and managing a remote team will depend on how your collaboration is built and shaped. There is a number of ways to assemble a remote team to work on your product or service.

Hire freelancers

Probably the most popular way of hiring remote employees is through freelancing websites like Upwork or There, you might find software developers who will charge as little as $2 per hour. While it seems like a deal, you risk to have a low-quality product at the end.

Hire salaried remote employees

You can search for someone dedicated to your project on a local IT-related job search website. You will have all the means to control this person, but you will pay them nearly as much as you would to an in-house employee.

The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Remote Development Team

Hire a dedicated development team from a company

The best way to assemble your virtual team would be by outsourcing professionals who have already worked together. You can leave the task to an outsourcing company to save money and time.

For example, if you need a front-end developer and would like to manage them by yourself, an outsourcing company will readily provide you several CVs, arrange interviews and help you choose the best candidacy.

Also, as your time will be growing, you might wish to have it managed by a local team lead or project manager.

The advantages and disadvantages of working with a remote development team

Now, we will concentrate mainly on the last of these four options, which is working with a remote development team. The major cons of a remote development team include the availability issues, communication difficulties, possible management problems, and time-consuming search. Let’s view each of them one at a time.


  • Management
    Management issues might arise when dealing with a remote team. You should either assign a person from your existing team to manage the developers or outsource those who will do it for you. This problem is easily resolved if you hire a software development company right from the start.

    On the other hand, you can always assign remote team management to someone from your company (including yourself) to ensure better control and more precise task completion. In this case, you’ll need some time to get used to working with a remote team.

  • Availability
    Your product needs to be not only developed, but also regularly updated. Here, a team of in-house developers would be the best option. They will be always available for you if there are bugs, crashes, or the need for new features.

    This can, however, be clarified in the terms of the contract you have with your remote team. For example, you can specify that, every once in a while, they will be available for work on the new features for your product, or that, once a problem occurs, they will be available to fix it within the several days period, etc.

The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Remote Development Team

  • Communication
    When you hire developers from a country different than yours, you should watch out for possible problems, such as the language barrier and time difference. While English remains the major language for communication within the IT industry, it is often the second or even third language of your potential employees. Having a local manager or an outsourcing company supervise your foreign employees will be a big advantage here.
  • Time-consuming search
    To find a perfect match for your project, you need to process a load of CVs or work profiles, conduct a bunch of interviews, and check a number of test assignments. In case of a development team, you need to repeat the procedure with every expert you are looking for. Again, an outsourcing company will save your business time significantly. They will select developers from their internal pool based on your requirements, so you’ll be able to expect a good level of candidates at the beginning.



You can see that all the shortcomings of hiring a remote team can be rather viewed as resolvable issues. All in all, you will likely end up with a talented foreign development team at much less cost than if you hired a domestic team. Surely, the main advantages of a remote development team are its cost-efficiency, a large talent pool, and usually the absence of commute time.

  • Large talent pool
    When you search for local developers, you might see that there is a limited number of them. Besides, the best experts in the neighborhood are usually already employed. This is where global search helps you choose from the vast number of professionals with any skills – from enthusiastic QA engineers to Scala developers.
  • Lower cost
    When compared to the cost of hiring an in-house development team, having a remote one wins big. First of all, you don’t pay monthly or yearly wages + taxes + insurance + office maintenance, but usually an hourly rate or a fixed service fee (works best when your project is at an active stage). If you add here the difference between developers’ pay across countries, you will see that it is really beneficial to hire employees globally, especially when you need an entire team.
  • No commute time
    One more advantage of having a remote team on board is the lack of commute time. This not only saves your potential employee’s time, but your time as well. If you live in a place where commute time is regarded as working time, outsourcing a team would come handy as never before.

The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Remote Development Team

Right after we’ve looked through the pros and cons of hiring a remote development team, we can see that all the disadvantages can be neutralized with the right people or smart management. Moreover, the advantages can easily outweigh the shortcomings. Once you’ve found the balance here, you can entrust almost any kind of project to your offshore development team. Let’s look for more details below.

What projects can be entrusted to a remote development team?

Pretty much, all kinds of projects. The rest depends on the size and composition of your team. Need to find a software development team? You can just specify what you need done, and pass the information along to an outsourcing company. It will pick you a team which would work in the specified paradigm (Agile, for example) and will consist of all the required specialists, from seasoned coders to UI/UX professionals and experienced testers. If you need professionals in mobile development, you should hire mobile developers (Android, iOS, or cross-platform devs), UI/UX designers, mobile-specific testers, and other experts you might find necessary (for example, someone to manage the team).

The same goes with website development — a team of remote back-end and front-end coders, designers, and testers, along with a manager, will finalize just about any web-based project that you can only think about. You can also require someone to do the graphic design work in your team; someone to be responsible for software GUI, website UI/UX, or graphic materials for online presence.


We have outlined the main advantages of getting a dedicated development team for hire and demonstrated that such a remote team can take on any kind of development project. If you have sufficient time, you might outsource each and every specialist on your own and manage the team once you have it. If, however, time is a pricey resource for your business, then you should consider getting assistance of an outsourcing firm with ample experience and high trust rate.

With the fast-pacing development of the IT industry in Eastern Europe, it would be a good idea to hire remote developers from Ukraine. This way, you will save your costs and get a team of developers, designers, and other professionals to work on your product in the most efficient way. Our company will help you find the best among the best.   

 Thanks for reading!
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