Service Type: Fully managed project development
Head office: Stockholm, Sweden
Contact: Peter Stier
Technology: Android SDK

TidyApp is a Swedish startup, the aim of which is to reorganise cleaning industry and make the house cleaning much easier for both sides – customers and cleaning service providers.

TidyApp is a Swedish company working on the creation of a platform that would allow users to find a cleaning service quickly and for a reasonable price. To turn this idea into reality, TidyApp planned to develop and deploy to the market two mobile applications both IOS and Android platforms.  When TidyApp contacted Unicsoft, they already had server and iOS developers. Therefore, the company was looking for top-notch and professional development of the Android application.

It is worth mentioning that one of the TidyApp managers had already successfully collaborated with Unicsoft on mobile projects. He was happy with the previous experience of working with our developers. So we suggested them working with one of the Android programmers TidyApp already knew.

The specification, design of the project and API documentation were provided by the customer. Unicsoft carried out development of the TidyApp app as fixed-cost, fully managed project. The Android part development was under the supervision of our project manager, who coordinated daily status meetings to identify key critical areas of project progress. To keep TidyApp abreast of the development process, we also conducted weekly meetings to discuss the work done and look at the possible additional requirements. Development of the two Android apps took about 4 months.

As a result of effective collaboration between the two teams, the startup was successfully implemented. Unicsoft created a platform for handy interaction between customers and cleaning service providers, which allows users to choose the best match in each particular case. The first application was developed for customers looking for cleaning services. It has such functionality as posting a request, listing needs, filtering options etc. The second one – for cleaning companies – displays customer requests and allows offering services by placing bids. Throughout this project, Unicsoft not only provided the customer with team extension, but overlooked the whole development process as well, so the client was always aware of the interim results and the next project steps.

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