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Modern users are becoming mobile and wish to have access to everything from their phones and tablets – traveling, shopping, documents and corporate systems.  It is hard to imagine a successful software solution without a mobile app with the functionality of its desktop or web ‘parent’.  No surprise, as the number of mobile apps downloads worldwide has reached 100 billion, and by 2017 it is expected to grow by 2.5 times!

Are you looking to build a mobile development direction in your company or do you just need a custom iOS, Android or Windows Phone app? At the same time, you might have faced difficulties finding professional programmers with the required skills and expertise and you also wish to stay on top of the delivery processes. One of the good ideas to consider is to hire dedicated mobile app developers.

Over the decade in the market, Unicsoft’s dedicated teams have helped more than 150 clients – from early-stage startups to established companies. Our programmers have created more than 50 mobile solutions, both native and hybrid.


How does the work with a remote dedicated team look like?

If you decide to hire dedicated mobile app developers from Unicsoft, your collaboration with the engineers will be direct and transparent, with your full control over the development process. In particular:

1You are able to scale up or down your team in accordance with the needs of your company

1You can select every member of your dedicated mobile app development team, using your own structure of interview/technical tests

1On the daily basis, you manage the programmers as if they were your own in-house resources or assign a tech lead to oversee the delivery process

1All tasks and the team’s working time are fixed in the tracker of your choosing, so you can see how much time your dedicated mobile app programmers spend on each task

1If the technical assignment is not set in stone, the team can work by scrum and agile methodologies


What makes it interesting to work with Unicsoft?

We believe that the work with us brings our clients the following benefits:

1Quality talents.
Unicsoft’s team consists of 50+ expert developers with 5+ years of relevant programming experience

2Technology and domain expertise.
Our mobile developers have experience with various types of solutions, including games, applications for business, e-commerce apps, travel, navigation and many others

1Our dedicated staffing department is agile and responsive. We usually provide the first relevant CVs within 5-7 business days after you send us the requirements

2Cultural proximity.
Our development center is located in Ukraine. All developers joining dedicated teams have good spoken and written English as well as solid communication skills. They are usually easy to work with.

So to sum up, what you get is a fully functional mobile app development team with no overhead expenses such as HR, or administration. Over the 10 years in the market, Unicsoft has helped 150+ different clients – from early-stage startups that came to us with a brilliant idea to Fortune500 companies.

If you would like to find out more about our dev teams, write us your questions or concerns. We would be happy to meet you and learn more about your business!

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