Great News! Unicsoft Chosen as a Top United Kingdom Mobile App Developer


It’s thrilling news that according to a recent research report published by TopAgency, Unicsoft is one of the top eleven mobile app development companies in the United Kingdom.



TopAgency, an independent B2B research-and-review platform has recently published its latest annual research, and it was on the best mobile app development companies in the United Kingdom. The research involved hundreds of the companies that are offering development services for the major mobile platforms with sufficient scalability in their services. Scalability was an important standard for the assessment as the report answers to the needs of a large section of service -seekers, including startups, SMEs, and enterprises.


All these companies were first measured on the ground of their reliability. A company with a sound market reputation and strong financial and legal stand was considered credible and qualified for the further assessment.


The short-listed companies were analysed on the basis of the quality of services, the determinants of which were turnaround time, pricing policies, platforms supported, technologies used, ability at innovation, skills for implementing complex requirements, and integration skills. Another important determinant, or rather a parameter of the whole analysis, included evaluation of the portfolio and the apps developed by the company. Other than the quality of services and end-products, special consideration towards client-orientation, too, was given by the analysts. They collected client reviews to understand their first-hand experience and rate the company accordingly.


After evaluating Unicsoft on these grounds, the analysts have given us high ratings for scalability, technical knowledge, customer-orientation, customer retention, and project management. These ratings were expressed by the editors with this brief description.


“Unicsoft is a trusted software development company located in Edinburgh, Scotland. The team at Unicsoft is led by some of the most experienced industry experts who have delivered more than a hundred and fifty successful projects. With the long field experience at its foundation, the company has proven its excellence in all of its core services including, but not limited to, mobile app development.

The company has one of the largest stacks of advanced technologies for the native as well as cross-platform mobile app development. This large stack enables the company to build customized tailor-made solutions for their clients that matches to their expectations to a T. This is why the company has its client base stretched enough to include startups, SMEs, and big enterprises as well, all of whom are evidently satisfied with both the cost-effectiveness and quality of the services, as the company is reportedly enjoying seventy-five percent of client retention rates.


Other than this brief review, the editors have also presented an overview of what the clients have said about us by assimilating the client reviews that the analysts have collected during research time. It was mentioned in the report that our clients are impressed with our project management skills and professional take on things. Another appreciative remark mentioned in the report includes us being called a good mix of technical and customer-oriented people.


It is indeed a great honor to be counted as a top-ranked company in the UK, and we thank TopAgency for this achievement. We’d also like to thank our valuable clients, who with their appreciative acknowledgement, have made it possible for us to celebrate this great moment of glory. In return, we promise them to not only continue offering the services that they have commended, rather improve them and with that, improve the growth opportunities for our clients’ business by keeping it ahead of technological trends and market competition.


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