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Client success
  • Service type: Fully managed project development
  • Contact: Aleksey Honcharuk
  • Technology: OpenGL, iOS NDK, Android NDK
  • Head Office: Kiev, Ukraine

ZZ Wolf is a Ukrainian company that creates mobile multimedia applications. In 2009 they decided to start a new business in the area of mobile multimedia products for children, specifically to create a series of interactive lullabies and fairy tales. Since the market by that time had already formed and appeared to be highly dynamic and competitive, they looked for a solution which would allow them high speed of creating of interactive books for children on one hand and low cost of the production process on another.  The idea was to develop a universal platform based on which designers could make a new fairy tale or lullaby using their design and animation skills, without any assistance of software engineers.

After assessing, reviewing and updating the technical specification provided by the customer, Unicsoft suggested developing the platform as a fully managed project with a fixed price which fit into the customer’s budget. Therefore, we were in charge of development process planning, team selection and management. We managed to put on board several experienced developers quickly and for the next six months, they were working on a cross-platform mobile application. The development was arranged in the agile manner, which implied presenting interim results to the customer, gathering their feedback and making the necessary fixes and improvements. Also agile development allowed ZZ Wolf to start creating books for children for both iOS and Android before the project was completed. ZZ Wolf started the production in the beginning of 2013.

Next half of the year, Unicsoft continued improving the product and developing new features on its roadmap.

In parallel with the development, Unicsoft also helped customer in establishing the books production process and arranged knowledge transfer on the use of the platform so the customer’s employees were able to start creating books as early as possible. The project was also delivered within the customer’s budget. Unicsoft is still providing technical support for new versions of the operating systems.

Currently ZZ Wolf has created a separate platform with the most beautiful tales and lullabies for children – called ZZ Tale. An interactive fairy tale allows both reading and interacting with its characters. Fairy tale books for iPad, iPhone and Android create an atmosphere of magic on a device where characters come alive by a reader’s touch and the nature awakens.

  • Service type: Dedicated team
  • Contact: Kristian Lein-Mathisen
  • Technology: IOS, Android, Java SE, Objective-C, REST API + TCP/UDP sockets
  • Head Office: Bergen, Norway

Adellica, a small consulting company from Bergen, Norway, specializing in mobile and embedded solutions, was working on the mobile application which performs remote control of the radio equipment. While hardware development was performed by a separate team, Adellica was in charge of creating mobile software for TRadio. Adellica’s original goal was to reduce the product’s time to market by increasing the speed of the development process.

After analyzing the customer’s needs, Unicsoft suggested Adellica setting up a dedicated team of “rockstar” mobile developers in Ukraine. Adellica expected to hire a remote Android developer as soon as possible, and an iOS developer – within a couple of months. An important fact to consider was that the company’s management team consisted of two enthusiastic and talented programmers directly involved into the coding part of the project. They wished to continue working as programmers, but there was no formal PM in the team, and the corresponding tasks were shared between the leaders of the company.  For this reason, such personal qualities of the dedicated team, as self-organization, time management, priority-setting, appeared no less significant as the programming-specific skills.

Unicsoft found several senior Android and iOS profiles, based on the customer’s requirements and arranged the selection process introducing candidates and coordinating the assessment. Thanks to the intense joint effort of out HR team and the client company, both positions were filled within about 2 weeks after the request came in, and the right people, who seemed fully prepared for independent work on highly complex and long-running tasks, were found.

When the team was formed, the customers decided to visit Ukraine to live meet the developers and arrange a 4-day workshop for them to discuss the project in more detail and draft the upcoming tasks. Unicsoft took care of the administrative part of the meeting, bringing the developers and the customers to the office and arranging their working and leisure time in a comfortable way.

However, in some time it became obvious that the Android developer offered by Unicsoft was underperforming. At first we tried to address the problem with regular HR methods – by discussing and analyzing the problem and initiating the task-by-task project management. But keeping in mind the fact that the customers had no time and motivation to “micromanage” the team, we finally replaced the Android developer with a person who already had proven experience in independent work on medium-to-large-sized mobile projects.

The project has lasted for about a year, and as of January 2015 it has reached finalization stage. Our Android and iOS developers took over a lot of macro-tasks and completed a large part of TRadio applications. Unicsoft, in turn, was responsible for HR and administrative support and appeared to effectively solve underperformance/replacement issues. Collaboration with Unicsoft and involvement of senior developers with high level of self-organization allowed the customer’s management team to focus on the development as they originally planned.

  • Service type: Fully managed project development
  • Contact: Peter Stier
  • Technology: Android SDK
  • Head Office: Stockholm, Sweden

TidyApp is a Swedish company working on the creation of a platform that would allow users to find a cleaning service quickly and for a reasonable price. To turn this idea into reality, TidyApp planned to develop and deploy to the market two mobile applications both IOS and Android platforms.  When TidyApp contacted Unicsoft, they already had server and iOS developers. Therefore, the company was looking for top-notch and professional development of the Android application.

It is worth mentioning that one of the TidyApp managers had already successfully collaborated with Unicsoft on mobile projects. He was happy with the previous experience of working with our developers. So we suggested them working with one of the Android programmers TidyApp already knew.

The specification, design of the project and API documentation were provided by the customer. Unicsoft carried out development of the TidyApp app as fixed-cost, fully managed project. The Android part development was under the supervision of our project manager, who coordinated daily status meetings to identify key critical areas of project progress. To keep TidyApp abreast of the development process, we also conducted weekly meetings to discuss the work done and look at the possible additional requirements. Development of the two Android apps took about 4 months.

As a result of effective collaboration between the two teams, the startup was successfully implemented. Unicsoft created a platform for handy interaction between customers and cleaning service providers, which allows users to choose the best match in each particular case. The first application was developed for customers looking for cleaning services. It has such functionality as posting a request, listing needs, filtering options etc. The second one – for cleaning companies – displays customer requests and allows offering services by placing bids. Throughout this project, Unicsoft not only provided the customer with team extension, but overlooked the whole development process as well, so the client was always aware of the interim results and the next project steps.

  • Service type: Fully managed project development
  • Contact: Naftali Brawer
  • Technology: PHP, Yii, JavaScript, jQuery
  • Head Office: London, UK

In January 2014, Naftali Brawer, the CEO of the Spiritual Capital Foundation (SCF), contacted Unicsoft in search of a highly-skilled development team to implement his ideas.

Spiritual Capital Foundation is a successful UK organization that provides HR consulting services. Its main focus is on coaching inspirational leaders and helping employees to discover new meaning  in their work, and thus to become more engaged. Dr. Brawer constantly faced the situation that corporate value statements were buried as “dead texts” somewhere on a website or in an end-of-year report. His goal was to create a solution that could bring them to life, using live discussion and comments left by employees, clients, and even investors of the company.

As a first step, Unicsoft suggested conducting a business analysis and creating a functional product specification to lay down Dr. Brawer’s ideas in a structured document. During a series of Skype calls, Unicsoft’s Business Analyst identified the customer’s vision of the project, major goals, as well as the impact on the target audience, and created the functional specification and user interface wireframes for the product.

After approval of the functional specification, Unicsoft started development of the MyLivingDocument product as a fixed price, fully managed project. Unicsoft established the Scrum process, ensuring early demonstration of work in progress, implementation of usability improvements at early stages, and transparent communication between the customer and the development team. was successfully launched in July 2014. At the same time, Unicsoft and Spiritual Capital Foundation created a corporate version of the application, designed for Intranet installations in large companies. This version was first launched in November 2014 on the KPMG premises.

Unicsoft and SCF have built a long-term software development partnership: Unicsoft is continuously providing technical support of the product and is responsible for Intranet deployments.

“We are proud to participate in the development of such a great product. I see a big potential in it, because it addresses the heart of every company – people engagement. We do our best to cover the technical side and maintenance of MyLivingDocument, to help it grow and to help other companies grow,” says Aleksey Zavgorodniy, CEO of Unicsoft.

  • Service type: Fully managed project development
  • Contact: Peter Stier
  • Technology: Android Studio, Android SDK, REST: Robospice + Retrofit, Glide Android Studio,Google Maps, Heat Maps, Map Overlays, Google Cloud Messaging
  • Head Office: Sweden

Swedish company Social Solutions got in touch with Unicsoft on mobile project Mingrl – a social application. At that time, the client had 2 mobile versions of the application: the iOS application had been published, whereas Social Solutions had some development issues with the Android version. App for Android was under development by another company, and part of the program was already written. But the company failed to meet the deadline and to deliver the quality of work according to the client’s expectations, so Social Solutions were looking for a highly experienced mobile development company which would be able to effectively implement the project within a very short period of time. So the client’s goal was not to miss the planned launch day.

The first step of our collaboration was detailed review of the project’s technical specifications and the IOS version of the application. In order to assess real state of work-in-progress Android application, Unicsoft conducted a thorough QA and code review. Also, we created a report identifying scope of work remaining yet to be done, list of bugs and recommendations regarding code quality improvements.  During the assessment, we found a number of bugs, and the most critical of them caused a serious battery charge leakage. In order to fix the code and accelerate product launch, Unicsoft offered Social Solutions fully managed project development. Due to the fact that the deadline was tough and the development required tight supervision, Unicsoft allocated a Project Manager and two Senior Android Developers.

In order to make up for the time lost, the programmers were working overtime. The development was carried out under SCRUM methodology. The process implied regular interim results demonstrations as well as discussions of the additional features and further tasks.

Unicsoft’s expertise and the fast speed mode, kept by our PM, allowed completing application on time and publishing it on the Google Play. Development, or better to say re-work of the application, took about 3 months.  Unicsoft was in charge not only of the coding part, but full project management, as well as the launch on the public app market, which made whole implementation process more convenient for the customer.

Minglr is an Android application, its main goal is providing a social entertainment guide that can give your spare time a greater variety and a better overview of what is offered in your surroundings.

  • Service type: Dedicated team
  • Contact: Gene Sohn
  • Technology: Java EE, ElasticSearch, Spring, Atmosphere, Backbone.js
  • Head Office: Reston, USA

Intellinote, a U.S. startup working on a team collaboration application,  got in touch with Unicsoft in the autumn of 2013. At that time the founders were “bootstrapping”, or creating the first version of their product by their own means, without involving any seed investments.  The product is intended as a simple, user-friendly solution for small teams of any professional profile, for project management, collaboration and communication. Intellinote looked to speed up product development in order to engage new users and potential investors while keeping their expenses reasonable. In order to achieve this, they needed high-quality developers at a lower cost.

Based on the project schedule, the client requested a distributed dedicated team of three Senior Java Developers and one Senior Front-End Engineer. Simpler said than done J – on the one hand, the startup needed highly experienced people with good communication skills who would be able to work in the startup environment, where requirements change frequently and there is no clear technical assignment for the whole project. On the other, we had to keep in mind the budget restrictions.

Since the skills and personal qualities of the initial team are critical to every early-stage startup, Unicsoft paid great attention to candidate selection. Actually, we introduced to Intellinote more than 20 candidates before we were able to find the developers that became the client’s core team.

Over the year 2013, Intellinote completed a beta version of their workforce operations management.  In January 2014 it was officially announced that Intellinote had secured USD 4.3 mio as venture investments. Over the year 2014 a lot of new features were developed, and the application turned into a comprehensive platform which provides teams with the tools they need for productive work on their projects. As of December 2014, Intellinote had attracted over 13,000 organizational customers globally with its unique and cost-effective product.

Over this period, Unicsoft’s developers have been key participants of the project, working on Intellinote’s web version.  As we took over the function of initial team search and pre-interviewing as well as administrative tasks related to team’s day-to-day work, therefore the customer was able to focus on more strategic goals, such as roadmap planning, product development and monetization.

  • Service type: Dedicated team
  • Contact: Eldad Rodrig
  • Technology: HTML, JavaScript, PHP 3rd party integrations: Facebook connect, various payment solutions, like PayPal
  • Head Office: Israel

Doomoro is an Israeli startup that created a web marketplace for same-day services delivery, which connects freelancers and buyers of such services as logo creation, article writing, HTML markup etc, who wish to have their work done within 24 hours. Doomoro contacted Unicsoft in November 2013. By that time, the Doomoro platform was already launched, and the company looked to speed up development of new features that would allow them to attract new users to the service as well as improve the experience of the existing ones.

The collaboration between Doomoro and Unicsoft started with an online meeting, the goal of which was to deeply understand the customer’s situation and business objectives and suggest the best solution. Doomoro already had a development team that worked under the leadership of the CTO, and Unicsoft suggested Doomoro a team extension model of work, where a developer is allocated to work for a customer as a remote extension of an in-house team. In addition, Doomoro had quite tight time and budget constraints which required a very fast and cost-effective solution.

Unicsoft allocated several developers from its team, based on the customer’s requirements and immediately arranged the selection process presenting candidates and coordinating the assessment. Thanks to our HR team and the customer’s active involvement, we were able to close the position in less than a week, the customer chose the PHP developer with the deepest expertise in the selected areas. In addition, the team extension suggested by Unicsoft, fitted into the client’s budget.  Unicsoft’s developer worked with Doomoro’s team for 8 months helping them quickly advance through the list of features on the roadmap and successfully deliver several milestone releases.

Our developer became an effective participant of Doomoro project by helping to increase stability of the platform and adding several payment systems to make billing process much easier. His involvement also allowed the customer to implement new features into the platform on time. Unicsoft provided prompt administrative and HR support during the involvement of our developer to ensure comfortable and quick collaboration between Doomoro and the Ukrainian software engineer, so the customer was able to focus on the development process.

  • Website: Back-end: Silex, mySQl, Redis (API websockets);  Front-end:  Angular 2 Blockchain: Parity + Node.js 
  • Website: Angular.JS, Python, Django, Blockchain API library 1.3.3 & 1.4.0, MLlib, pandas. Docker
  • Website: Go, Angular 2, Blockchain
  • Service type: Fully-managed project development
  • Contact: NDA
  • Technology: PHP, Yii2, one2edit tool (3-rd party)
  • Head Office: Berlin, Germany

The Client is an international full-service design and branding agency from Germany. The Client’s core expertise is building and implementing brand strategy for large enterprise companies across various industries including automotive, retail and logistics.

Driven by the desire to bring additional value to their customers even after their work is done, they’ve created the Brand Management System (BMS) product. The BMS increased their customers’ efficiency in managing brand-related materials and launching marketing communications across multiple offices in different countries.

The Client wanted to avoid diluting the company focus by building internal software engineering and product delivery departments. Therefore, since the very early version of the product, they decided to involve a delivery partner to support and further evolve the BMS. The search for the right development partner was not easy and did not work out from the first attempt. By the time The Client reached out to Unicsoft, the product’s roadmap was strongly delayed. On top of feature release delays, the existing customers were reporting a significant amount of bugs in their implementation.

Unicsoft agreed to take over the ownership of the product and continue the development of new features for the Brand Management System, onboarding new customers, and providing support to the existing ones.

We started our partnership with a legacy code review to let us know what issues it had and what we needed to improve in the product. The code review allowed us to identify primary points for improvement of the system: to retain the existing customer base and, at the same time, build a stable foundation for the new versions of the product.

After partially re-working and stabilizing the current version of the product, we were ready to start work on the version 2.0. It had an ambitious roadmap which included:

  • A centralized media library for storing all brand identity elements including images, documents, and video materials;

  • A content management module linked to media library. It eliminated the risk of releasing media communications with wrong or outdated identity elements;

  • A content localization tool, which significantly simplified a coordinated launch of marketing communications in different languages across several countries. Such capabilities were facilitated by integration with the One2edit tool that allows localization of Adobe and InDesign documents online;

  • Significantly improved user and permission management as well as powerful search across the content.

During the first 2 years of partnership with The Client, Unicsoft was able to positively contribute to:

  • Product positioning on the market
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Extending the product’s customer base.

Positioning: the aforementioned features of the  2.0 version of the product allowed to position it not only as a “CRM for brand identity”, but as a powerful marketing tool for international corporations and gain access to the whole new group of customers.

Customer satisfaction: the stability of the product significantly improved and now is in-line with enterprise customer’s expectations, resulting in high customer retention. High-quality and timely roll-out of the solution to new customers is crucial in extending BMS customer base. The onboarding heavily impacts the first impression, and it can only be made once. During our partnership, there was not a single case when a customer churned due to onboarding issues.

Unicsoft is proud of the positive impact we were able to make for The Client. Both Client and Unicsoft are expecting this partnership to last for a long time.

  • Website: Blockchain, AWS, .NET
Dedicated Team

What is it?

Are you looking to create or support a custom web product, game or a mobile app, but facing the lack of qualified programmers? Is it the case your project or assignment is time-critical and you just can not afford waiting until your recruiters gather the team? One of the most workable and pretty common solutions for business is to hire dedicated developers.

Dedicated software development team is a great choice for companies that wish to keep control over the development of their products and at the same time maintaining flexible organizational structure with the opportunity of quickly growing or reducing teams.

Basically, the dedicated development services model implies that the client hires a group of remote developers and/or other IT-experts (designers, QA engineers). And then the client is able to manage them as if the developers were their own team members. Thanks to the modern remote collaboration, communication and task tracking tools, it is possible to quickly and efficiently build all processes within the team according to scrum and agile methodologies.

OK. And what are the benefits of hiring a dedicated development team?

The developers work full-time or part-time according to the schedule agreed with the client and are always available for communication during the working hours.

  • The strengths of the model are quite measurable:
  • Full control over the development process
  • Predictable costs and budget control, if you opt for paying a fixed cost every month
  • Scope and technical assignment are not fixed, which makes it easy to use TDD and keep testing and changing various layouts, designs, parts of architecture until. This point would be really valid for startups
  • Team stability
  • When a team works on one project for a long time, each professional develops a very deep understanding of your project and technologies utilized

Why Unicsoft?

If you decide to hire dedicated programmers from Unicsoft, apart from the above listed benefits, you’ll get some more attractive advantages.

  • 10 years of experience in the market. We are apparently able to create steady teams 🙂
  • Unicsoft’s team consists of 50+ senior developers with 5+ years of relevant programming experience.
  • Our engineers have experience with a variety of languages and technologies in both web and mobile app development. We will be able to understand your needs and put on board people with the right skills
  • Our dedicated staffing is prompt and responsive, we provide first CVs within 5-7 business days after you send us the requirements and project description
  • Unicsoft’s developers speak decent English and have good communication skills. They are easy to work with
  • We provide full HR and administrative support, we take care of hiring retention and scaling up your team without any overhead expenses from your end

To sum up, our partners get a fully functional software development team at a reasonable price with no overhead expenses. Over the 10 years in the market, Unicsoft has helped 150+ different clients – from early-stage startups that came to us with a brilliant idea to Fortune500 companies.

Still have questions or doubts?  Write us what you would like to know, tell us your concerns, we’ll be happy to learn more about your project and your software development needs.

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