Dedicated developers for startups

Are you a leader of a successful startup? Or do you have an MVP? Or just a great idea of a product that will change lives around the world? If you say “yes” to one of these questions, you have probably faced a problem of finding professional programmers who would deeply understand and support your idea.

One of the workable options is to hire dedicated developers for startups from a trusted software development partner that understands your needs and delivers at a high level. Unicsoft has about 10 years of experience in helping startups grow and thrive – from minimum viable product development for startups to quality assurance and finalization to the stage of “market-readiness”. We’ve built more than 20 startup products in different areas, including healthcare, social apps, platforms for online collaboration, CRMs, games and complex solutions for business.


Why is it the best choice for startup companies to work with Unicsoft?

2Our dedicated team for startups is always focused on your goals and ideas. Specifications and technical tasks should always remain logically related to your goals and initial idea;

2Our engineers are “agile”, they are used to working under changing requirements; – We understand your budget restrictions and will help you optimize expenses without sacrificing quality;

1We keep in mind that time never waits, and our dedicated developers are used to working under time pressure.


So how can we help you?

1If you have just an idea, our business analysis experts can help you turn it into a written technical specification;

2Whether you need to create a web application or a mobile app, we can deliver a minimum viable product and/or a prototype that can be further tested with your target users and improved;

1Our dedicated development team for startups is able to deliver high-quality solutions of any complexity;

2Do you plan to manage your team by yourself or need project management from our side? It does not matter, if the project manager comes from our end or from the ours, our team will deliver a high-quality product;

1We provide comprehensive IT-services, including QA, UI/UX design, development, business analysis and support.

Nowadays, finding a strong software engineer with desired experience and qualities might turn out a tough competition, especially for a new company. Try hiring dedicated remote developers from Unicsoft we have a deep expertise in working with startup companies and speak your language.

Help us to help you reach the finish line before your competition!

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