Are you looking to create or support a custom web product, game or a mobile app, but facing the lack of qualified programmers? Is it the case your project or assignment is time-critical and you just can not afford waiting until your recruiters gather the team? One of the most workable and pretty common solutions for business is to hire dedicated developers.



What is it?

Dedicated software development team is a great choice for companies that wish to keep control over the development of their products and at the same time maintaining flexible organizational structure with the opportunity of quickly growing or reducing teams.

Basically, the dedicated development services model implies that the client hires a group of remote developers and/or other IT-experts (designers, QA engineers). And then the client is able to manage them as if the developers were their own resources. Thanks to the modern remote collaboration, communication and task tracking tools, it is possible to quickly and efficiently build all processes within the team according to scrum and agile methodologies. The developers work full-time or part-time according to the schedule agreed with the client and are always available for communication during the working hours.


OK. And what are the benefits of hiring a dedicated development team?

The strengths of the model are quite measurable:

1Full control over the development process

1Predictable costs and budget control, if you opt for paying a fixed cost every month

2Scope and technical assignment are not fixed, which makes it easy to use TDD and keep testing and changing various layouts, designs, parts of architecture until. This point would be really valid for startups

1Team stability

1When a team works on one project for a long time, each professional develops a very deep understanding of your project and technologies utilized


Why Unicsoft?

If you decide to hire dedicated programmers from Unicsoft, apart from the above listed benefits, you’ll get some more attractive advantages.

110 years of experience in the market. We are apparently able to create steady teams 🙂

1Unicsoft’s team consists of 50+ senior developers with 5+ years of relevant programming experience.

2Our engineers have experience with a variety of languages and technologies in both web and mobile app development. We will be able to understand your needs and put on board people with the right skills

1Our dedicated staffing is prompt and responsive, we provide first CVs within 5-7 business days after you send us the requirements and project description

1Unicsoft’s developers speak decent English and have good communication skills. They are easy to work with

1We provide full HR and administrative support, we take care of hiring retention and scaling up your team without any overhead expenses from your end

To sum up, our partners get a fully functional software development team at a reasonable price with no overhead expenses. Over the 10 years in the market, Unicsoft has helped 150+ different clients – from early-stage startups that came to us with a brilliant idea to Fortune500 companies.

Still have questions or doubts?  Write us what you would like to know, tell us your concerns, we’ll be happy to learn more about your project and your software development needs.

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