Hire Dedicated PHP Developers

Have got an idea of a web project on PHP – a website, a platform or a large custom-tailored system? Or just need to add resources to an existing PHP project? Great choice – PHP is a very popular programming language rapidly evolving to meet the needs of any business going web. With PHP, you can develop virtually any type of application – a simple website, complex system for business, as well as back-end for a small-to-medium game or mobile app.




On the other hand, this language is often used as a gateway to programming by newbies, and we understand that you surely wish to ensure high quality of code produced and product delivery in general. One of the best solutions in your case might be to hire dedicated PHP team of truly senior developers from Unicsoft.


How exactly can Unicsoft help you?

Over the 10 years of Unicsoft’s operation, our developers have built several dozens of solutions using PHP and its frameworks. We are always ready to provide you with expert remote dedicated PHP development team, whom you’ll be able to manage directly or with the assistance of our technical project manager. To be precise, Unicsoft works with the following PHP-related and adjacent technologies:

3Frameworks: Yii (1-2), Symfony (1-2), CakePHP, Laravel, Silex, Zend (1-2), CodeIgniter, Kohana

3PHP-based CMSs: Drupal, WordPress, Magento

3+ we also can offer help with client-side development (JavaScript, Angular.js, Backbone.js, jQuery, HTML, CSS), our PHP developers have full-stack skills


What are the benefits of working with us?

To make the long story short :), Unicsoft has a transparent and well-set dedicated staffing process and convenient support throughout your collaboration with our IT specialists.

2Full control over the dedicated staffing process. You’ll be able to pick programmers with relevant skills as if they would become your own team, according to your selection process.

3Our engineers have 5+ years of relevant software development experience

3Unicsoft’s dedicated PHP programmers have decent spoken and written English and are easy to communicate with

3Our developers are familiar with scrum and agile and are also excellent team players

2Throughout the development of our project, you’ll always be able to scale up or cut your team, to replace developers and to get help with business analysis, project management, UX, design and QA


How does it work?

If you have decided to hire dedicated PHP programmers, we’ll be able to quickly put on board the required number of people. The process is the following:

11We arrange a call between you and Unicsoft’s management to better understand your needs

2(If necessary) We sign an NDA

13You send us your project description and profiles of engineers you’re looking for

4Within 3-5 business days you get the first CVs and have the first interviews

5You inform us about your decision and we sign a contract

6The first business day of your team

7During the development, your dedicated team will be available for communication and work during the business hours. The time they spend on your project is logged in JIRA5 or any other tracker you suggest.

The product (or MVP, prototype, beta) is successfully completed. And we’ll always be available for support and ‘modernization’ 🙂

Depending on the speed of our communication and technologies you have in mind, this process might take from 3 to 15 days. The earlier you start, the quicker the new remote team joins your project.

Do you have questions or are you ready to share with us the details of your project? Feel free to contact us at any time.

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