3 Main Reasons Why Startups Should Hire a Software Development Partner


Startup development is a quite dynamic process. Interacting with candidates and finding convenient specialists require a lot of time and financial resources. And that’s where an outsource IT agencies may come in handy.


According to Statista, a global outsourcing market was estimated at around $76.9 billion in 2016. The whole value belongs to information technology ($52.9 billion) and business process outsourcing ($24 billion). However, this data does not include the following spending:

  • Computer hardware support services;
  • Infrastructure outsourcing;
  • Hosting;
  • Networks;
  • Application outsourcing;
  • Application management, and
  • Infrastructure cloud services.

Gartner’s report, which included all the spendings mentioned above, estimated the 2016 market size at $283.5 billion. The agency underlined that IT outsourcing market had grown by 4.6% in comparison with the previous year. Many companies rely on outsource IT contractors when it comes to developing software. A list of successful startups that prefer outsourced development includes:

  • Slack;
  • Fab;
  • Skype;
  • GitHub;
  • Basecamp;
  • MySQL;
  • Klout;
  • Alibaba;
  • Opera Software.

The reason why more and more companies entrust software development to third-party contractors lies in the set of advantages of hiring professional developers on a part-time basis. So, what kind of benefits can any startup get due to the establishment of the reliable relationship with an experienced software development partner?


Reason #1: Saving Time


Outsourcing is all about flexibility. In case if you don’t need a full-time team for your project, you can always negotiate this moment with the outsourcing company. You can hire people to work only part-time, i.e. agree on a piecework basis and pay strictly for the work done.

Saving Time on Finding Convenient Specialists

Another advantage of IT outsourcing is that it is a flexible tool. You can hire a partner(team) with the set of skills you need instead of raising your own in-house team since the second option is quite long and expensive. And once your startup meets new challenges, your outsource partner can quickly adapt to them. He or she can expand his/her team by using additional resources to successfully meet all the challenges along the way.


Fast and Easy Scaling

With IT outsourcing, your projects can be developed much faster, and with guaranteed quality. Since modern enterprises mostly need standard solutions, IT outsourcing companies are able to provide their services as quickly and efficiently as possible. With a fast scaling, a startup wouldn’t have to spend much time searching for reliable developers. Instead, managers can opt for the team they know and already trust.


Reason #2: Saving Money


According to Deloitte’s survey, 59% of organizations outsource particular projects because of considering such partnership as a cost-cutting tool. Let’s clarify how outsourcing helps startups save money.

No Need For Creating New Work Places

IT outsourcing provides a possibility to reduce the cost of IT infrastructure maintenance. By hiring an offshore team, you can optimize business processes and increase the transparency of information technology costs. Besides reducing direct expenses (training, personnel, etc.), you can also save your money on furniture, communications, transportation, etc.


Access to Advanced Tools

Professionals you are going to hire must have the expertise in the startup development sector. Qualified outsource companies have a set of all necessary specialists, including experienced project managers, designers, developers, and testers. Once you hire such, you get access to the right methodologies and service technologies that are usually available solely for enterprises.


Reason #3: Ensuring a High Quality of Work


When ordering outsource services you get an access to a whole team of qualified engineers. The capabilities of this team will certainly expand the capabilities of your own IT department.

Fast Consultancy

For startups, it is extremely difficult to hire and train new staff while focusing mostly on development and expanding. In case of hiring an outsource development company, you will be able to request a professional consultancy and best practices at any time. Besides having the work done, you can get a qualified assistance.


Professional Procedures

If you want to avoid wasting time on building up an expertise in a field that is unfamiliar to you, it is worth opting for outsourcers. Since technological startups are mostly based on technologies, a timely expert’s advice can often save a startup from huge mistakes. Reputable outsourcers have a deep expertise and are able to organize a development process in a professional way.

A reliable IT outsourcing company has all the capabilities to ensure that its staff has exceptionally highly-qualified specialists. Such companies continuously increase a professional level of their employees. Furthermore, they use advanced IT technologies that become available for you too. That’s actually how it all goes.

If you want to know more about this kind of cooperation send us a note and start scaling your startup today.

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